Explanation of Funds Policy Number and Last Update (01.09.20/01-2011)

IMSHS Delegates

There are two funds for the general operation of the center, i.e., salaries, payroll taxes, supplies, equipment, insurance, telephone, postage, transportation, occupancy costs, etc.

These are:

PA22 - Program Account 22 Federal Funds - may be used for program costs, as budgeted, and as allowable, allocable and reasonable by federal and state regulations.

GRF - State of Illinois General Revenue Funds, required for 20% match of federal grant, are also to be expended for general program costs directly related to the provision of services to the children. All the same regulations apply to this money.

GRF - State Revenue Funds in excess of match requirement may be used in certain cases to cover costs to the program for which federal funds may not be used: interest on loans, to cover administrative costs above 15%, etc. May not be used without grantee approval of budget.

PA22 Disabilities Funds - Federal funding to recruit, enroll, diagnose, and serve children with disabilities.

  • May not be used for: Regular screening and assessment (required for all children); Regular mental health consultation; and Orthopedic impairment, unless covered in 1308.12.
  • May be used for: Further evaluation based on, and above and beyond, regular screening and assessment - e.g. professional diagnosis, observation, and consultation; adaptation of assessment instruments (whether or not children are diagnosed); Transportation of children with disabilities and their parents to evaluations, the site of special services, and the regular education site, when those services are required by the IEP/IFSP, and are over and above those provided to all Head Start children; Purchase or lease of special materials and equipment; Reasonable special modifications of physical facilities; Upgrading the abilities of staff and parents to meet the special needs of children with disabilities (i.e., travel, per diem, training, courses, consultants, substitutes); All services required in the IEP/IFSP, including mental health services and translation services for families of children with disabilities.

PA20 - Federal Training Funds - to be used for any of the following which improve services to, or the quality of life for Head Start children; travel costs, per diem, course tuition, training workshop registration, supplies related to course work, consultant fees, and Child Development Associate costs, and substitute costs to free staff to attend training. These funds are for staff, parents, and volunteers. They are not to be used for post-graduate course work, or for training not directly related to the job description.