Policy Council Reimbursement for Travel Policy Number and Last Update

The Migrant and Seasonal Head Start follows state MSHS travel policies, with the addition of compensation to ensure that parents do not have to pay any expenses out-of-pocket for travel related to Policy Council activities, and that they do not suffer any loss of income as a result of representing their agencies. All travel costs will be paid from delegate budgets.


  1. When children are left at home, a babysitter who is not the child's parent will be paid $15.00 for each 12 hours of care for each minor child. Period of less than 12 hours will be prorated in one hour increments.
  2. When a babysitter travels with the parents, he/she will be paid $2.00 per hour per child for the duration of the meeting plus per diem (at the current IMSHS rate). Lodging will also be covered. This sum will be included in the parents' travel advance, to be paid by the parents to the babysitter and reported as a miscellaneous expense on the travel voucher.
  3. A spouse that travels with the representative will be paid expenses only if he or she attends the meeting. Parents will receive half-per diem for children 2 years or older.
  4. All travel costs will be paid at the current CMS rate.
  5. Phone calls of 5 minutes each: one (1) for inside the state, and two (2) for outside the state, per trip, will be paid.
  6. Lost wages will be paid for parents who supply a written statement of schedule and pay rate from their employer.
  7. Delegate staff who accompany parents will be paid wages, transportation costs, mileage, lodging, and car rental if necessary.
  8. Delegates will follow IMSHS travel procedures for advances, rates, lodging, per diem, and all other costs. Travelers will reimburse the agency for over-advances within 30 days of their return date.