Policy Council Reimbursement for Travel

Policy Number and Last Update (01.09.18e/10-2017)

The Migrant and Seasonal Head Start follow state travel policies. Since the parents are representing their agencies in Policy Council events or meetings, the Delegates will advance travel expenses to parents for any related activity. The purpose is to ensure that the representatives are not affected by the loss of wages. Compensation for travel expenses and salaries will be paid in full by the Delegates, as funds have been assigned for this in their annual budget.


  1. Delegates will issue a Reconciliation of Travel Expenses to parents making the trip.
    1. Hotel Expenses: When available, Delegates will obtain the CMS state hotel rate.
    2. Transportation: If a parent is driving his own vehicle, mileage will be paid at the current CMS rate.
    3. Meal Allowances:
      1. The representative will receive $28 per day.
      2. A spouse that travels with the representative will receive $28 per day, if traveling to babysit children.
      3. Allowance for children over the age of 2 will be $14 per day.
    4. Lost Wages:
      1. Lost wages will be paid to parent Policy Council Members. 
      2. Spouse traveling with member will also be eligible for lost wages, if traveling to babysit children.
      3. Parents requesting wage reimbursement will each fill out, and sign, the Parent Certification of Lost Wages. There is NO requirement to obtain verification from employers.
    5. Babysitter:
      1. A babysitter (who is not the child's parent) will be paid $40.00 for the 1st child, plus $10 for each additional child under 14 years of age, per day.
      2. When a babysitter travels with the parent, he or she will be paid the amount under (i) plus $28 meal allowance, per day, and lodging will be coverd.
      3. The total sum will be included in the parents' travel advance, to be paid by the parents to the babysitter.
    6. Within two weeks of return date, Parents and Delegate will reconcile advance funds and actual expenses on the Reconciliation of Travel Expenses which will be turned in with the delegate's Monthly Expenditure Report in lieu of a travel voucher.
  2. Delegate staff who accompany parents will be paid wages for driving and for child care, plus regular travel expenses per the agency's travel procedures.