Classroom Staff Procedure Policy Number and Last Update

Delegate agencies will adhere to the following classroom staff guidelines:

Teaching staff will complete at least 15 hours of training before starting position, each season. Staff starting mid-season shall complete a minimum of eight hours of training before starting position and the rest within two-weeks.

Programs will employ a qualified teacher and an assistant for each preschool classroom.

Programs will comply with Head Start Standards by employing two qualified Infant/Toddler Teachers per classroom.

(See adult - child ratios to obtain additional assistants; also see Job descriptions or Head Start Standards to verify the credentials needed for teachers).

Programs will have two paid staff persons for each classroom throughout the day, even when the adult ratio per child is more.

Child-adult ratios are maintained at all times of the day and in all locations:

Infants/Toddler (per HS Standards, a child under 3 years is considered a toddler) 1:4 8
Three Year Olds (a three-year-old classroom is where more than half of the children are 3 or will turn 3 by whatever date is used by the State or local jurisdiction. 1:8 16
Four and Five Year Olds 1:10 20

At least one staff member per classroom MUST speak the children's primary language.

At least one staff member per classroom shall begin her/his schedule 15-30 minutes prior to the arrival of the children to conduct routine safety classroom check and prepare learning areas for children's arrival.

A staff member shall inspect the playground daily, before children's scheduled outdoor hour, and complete the playground safety checklist.

The Education Coordinator will plan for a monthly in-service training for the education staff. Topics will be chosen per staff interest or supervisor's observation of needs.