DDD Information Bulletins

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The Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) has established the use of Division Information Bulletins in an effort to improve and organize the various formal communications released from the Division to stakeholders. 

Please review and comment on DRAFT Bulletins.

Information Bulletins 

Title of Bulletin
DD.16.080 Children's Waivers and Medicaid Eligibility
DD.16.079 Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILA) Clarification of Family or a Person's Own Home
DD.16.078 Independent Service Coordination (ISC) Specialized Additional Monitoring
DD.16.077 Request to Exceed 25-Hour ISSA Service Cap
DD.16.076 Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA) Closure Choice Form
DD.16.075 Revised: Pre-Admission Screening (PAS) Manual Revisions for the Psychological Assessment
DD.16.074 Federal Regulations: Disclosure of Information About Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities (ICF/DD) 
DD.16.073 Staff Training Billing and Reimbursement Process  (Replaces DD.14.034)
DD.16.072 Service Termination Authorization Request (STAR) Form & Process
DD.16.071 Bed Hold Request Form and Process 
Title of Bulletin
DD.15.070 No Increase in HBS and FAP Allocations, Effective in January, 2016
DD.15.069 Pre-Admission Screening (PAS) Manual Revisions for the Psychological Assessment  RESCINDED: SEE DD.16.75
DD.15.068 Revisions to Prioritization of Urgency of Need for Services (PUNS) Manual and Enrollment Tool
DD.15.067 New Rules: Overtime Wages for Home-Based Support Services Personal Support Workers
DD.15.066 Support Service Teams (SST) Referral Form - Revised
DD.15.065 ROCS System modification to allow ICD-10 Codes
DD.15.064 IMPACT Provider Enrollment System - New System Now In Effect
DD.15.063 On-Site Review Activities for FY16 by the Division of Developmental Disabilities
DD.15.062 New Forms: Skilled Nursing Facility/Pediatric (SNF/Ped) Forms
DD.15.061 Change in Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA) Award Letter Process for Site Approval
DD.15.060 Clarification of DSP Hours for Family and Intermittent CILAs
DD.15.059 Reminder of Available Funding for Home/Vehicle Modifications and Equipment/Technology
DD.15.058 Ligas Transition Service Plan - Quality Review Tool
DD.15.057 Personal Needs Allowance: Addendum 
DD.15.056 Document Clearance Process for Information Bulletins and Manual Modifications 
DD.15.055 Change in Medicaid Provider Enrollment - IMPACT System
DD.15.054 Emergency Closure of an ICF/DD
DD.15.053 DHS Learning Management System Used for Training of Providers and Other Stakeholders - RESCINDED
DD.15.052 Emergency Closure of a CILA Agency 
DD.15.051 Revised CANTS Clearance Process 
DD.15.050 Information Bulletin DD.14.043 on Overtime Wages for Personal Support Workers - RESCINDED
DD.15.049 New Provider Technical Assistance by Division of Developmental Disabilities 
Title of Bulletin
DD.14.048 Revisions to the DDPAS-10 Form in the Pre-Admission Screening Manual 
DD.14.047 Skilled Nursing Facilities for Pediatrics (SNF/Peds) Exceptional Care Issues
DD.14.046 Modifications of Ligas Transition Service Plan Form and Instructions
DD.14.045 Increase in HBS and FAP Rates, Effective January 1, 2015
DD.14.044 PAS Manual Modification - Medical History
DD.14.043 New Rules on Overtime Wages for HBS Personal Support Workers and Annual Increase in HBS Amounts - RESCINDED 1-27-15 (See DD.15.050)
DD.14.042 New Process to Change Fiscal/Employer Agencies
DD.14.041 Additional Staffing Requests/Awards under CILA & DT Programs
DD.14.040 Personal Needs Allowance
DD.14.039 Pre-Admission Screening Manual Revisions - Required Assessments
DD.14.038 One- and Two-Person CILA Request - Commuunity Integrated Living Arrangements (CILA)
DD.14.037 Long-Term Additional Staff Support Requests - Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILA) and Developmental Training (DT) - RESCINDED 9/14
DD.14.036 Initial Additional Staff Supports Request - Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA) and Developmental Training (DT) - RESCINDED 9/14
DD.14.035 CILA 60D Post Payment Option
DD.14.034 Staff Training Billing and Reimbursement Process  (Replaced by DD.16.73)

Information Bulletins - 2013

Title of Bulletin
DD.13.033 Increase in HBS and FAP Rates Effective in January, 2014
DD.13.032 Waiver Request Process for Individual Listed on DCFS' State Central Register (CANTS)
DD.13.031 Ligas Service Transition Plan Compliance 
DD.13.030 Staff Training Reimbursement Process Change - Rescinded 9-26-13, Not Implemented (See DD.14.034
DD.13.029 Nursing Assessment Before Training of Unlicensed Staff
DD.13.028 Comfort Treatments
DD.13.027 Regularly Prescribed Over-the-Counter Medications
DD.13.026 Increase in HBS and FAP Rates Effective in January, 2013
DD.13.025 CILA Estimated Rate Calculator
DD.13.024 Reminder To ISSA and Service Facilitation Agencies to Present All Service Options to HBS Customers  

Information Bulletins - 2012

Title of Bulletin
DD.12.023 Registration Needed to Comply with Background Checks Requirements 
DD.12.022 Organizational Change in Division of Developmental Disabilities
DD.12.021 Documenting Education Requirements for Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional and Direct Support Persons
DD.12.020 Rule 116: Medication Administration in Specific Community Settings
DD.12.019 Individual Service and Support Advocacy (ISSA) Review and Approval of Individual Service Plan (ISP) Form
DD.12.018 Risk Assessments for Participants in Home and Community-Based Services Waivers
DD.12.017 Confidentiality of CILA Addresses
DD.12.016 Temporary Suspension of Staff Add-On Reviews for CILA & DT Programs

Information Bulletins - 2011

Title of Bulletin
DD.11.015 Award Memo Effective Dates
DD.11.014 Reporting Individual Financial Information/Third Party Payments
DD.11.013 Increase in HBS and FAP Rates for FY12
DD.11.012 Application For 60D CILA Support Services Form; Instructions & Revised Alternative Day Program Request Form  
DD.11.011 Report: Support Service Teams, First Nine Months 
DD.11.010 ISSA Guidelines: Problem and Conflict Resolution
DD.11.009 Billing Services for Providers of Behavior and Other Therapy Services 
DD.11.008 ISSA Visiting Notes: Revision of Form 
DD.11.007 Rights of Individuals Form (IL 462-1201)
DD.11.006 Reporting of Abuse & Neglect Allegations by Child Group Home Providers 
DD.11.005 Referral of Children & Adolescents to Support Service Teams
DD.11.004 Report: Support Service Teams, First 180 Days 
DD.11.003 New Edit: Medicaid Waiver Payment for Name/RIN Mismatch
DD.11.002 Reporting of Unusual Incidents (Restraint/Seclusion) by Child Group Home Providers 
DD.11.001 Report: Support Service Teams, First 120 Days 

Information Bulletins - 2010

Title of Bulletin
DD.10.005 Reporting Abuse & Neglect of Adult Residents in Children's Residential Programs 
DD.10.004 Report: Support Service Teams, First 60 Days 
DD.10.003 Closure of a CILA Agency 
DD.10.002 Closure of an ICF/DD - Rescinded, replaced by DD.015.054
DD.10.001 Announcement of Division of Developmental Disabilities Information Bulletins