Ways for Faith Communities to Fight Human Trafficking

Helping Families. Supporting Communities. Empowering Individuals.
  • Join the Illinois Rescue and Restore Coalition.
    • Stay informed on current human trafficking news and local anti-trafficking efforts and events in Illinois.
    • Be a part of developing local protocol on responding to trafficking victims.
    • Give Illinois Rescue and Restore at least a 1 year committment to work on raising awareness and collaborating to improve the anti-trafficking strategy in Illinois.
  • Help to coordinate a response to victims by working with coalition members on establishing an emergency housing network.
  • Establish a human trafficking committee at your church.
    • Designate a task-oriented leader on this committee that will follow-up on your activities.
    • Screen anti-trafficking films to your youth groups and other church members.
    • Reach out to other churches in your denomination or community and engage them in your activities.
  • Collect food and hygiene items for local organizations conducting street outreach to victims.
  • Hold fundraisers for local non-profit organizations that are serving victims of trafficking.
  • Do teach-in's to raise awareness and educate your congregation.
    • By getting the word out you can capture 300 people on a Sunday and educate them on the problem of trafficking in our communities.
  • Build momentum and mobilize your faith community by holding an "education month."
    • Hold a Book Club and reflect on points of interest in books you read on human trafficking.
    • Hold a roundtable discussion after screening films on human trafficking and discuss your reactions.
    • Develop action steps from these activities to address what you learned.
  • Offer pro bono services to non-profits serving victims.
    • Utilize the licensed professionals in your congregations to provide trauma treatment and counseling services to victims.
    • Build relationships with victims and establish a safe and supportive network.

* Participate in the annual Illinois Rescue and Restore Outreach Day to raise awareness of the issue of human trafficking.

If you are interested in joining the Illinois Rescue and Restore Coalition or participating in these action steps, please contact dhs.ilrescueandrestore@illinois.gov or 312-793-0014. Please visit www.caase.org for an in-depth toolkit and activist guide for faith communities to fight human trafficking.