MR #10.10: Change in SNAP Sanction Periods


  • To comply with a clarification from Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) that requires us to impose a progressive work sanction on SNAP customers, we are making a change in the length of the sanction periods.
  • Effective 04/19/10, the length of the sanction period for any SNAP work sanction is 3 months for the first violation, 3 months for the second violation, and 6 months for the third or more violations. This includes work sanctions imposed on SNAP E&T customers and TANF customers disqualified from receiving SNAP benefits due to a noncompliance with a TANF work and training requirement.
  • When imposing a work sanction, the HSC must determine if it is a first, second or third violation.  Use the information in the Food Stamp Work Sanction Inquiry System (PF13).
  • Until system changes are complete, if a SNAP customer should be sanctioned for 6 months, allow the system to do the initial 3 months.  Set a control and after the 3 months, enter the SNAP work sanction coding for the additional 3 months sanction.