NSDUH Report: Daily Marijuana Users (SAMHSA Office of Applied Studies—New Reports)


Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)


  • Based on SAMHSA’s 2003 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 3.1 million persons aged 12 or older used marijuana daily, that is, on 300 or more days in the past year. Between 2002 and 2003, the number of 12 to 17 year olds reporting daily use of marijuana decreased from 358,000 to 282,000; while there were no changes in the number of daily marijuana users among 18-25 year olds or adults age 26 or older.
  • An estimated 39.2% of daily marijuana users were dependent on or abused marijuana compared with 13.5% of less-than-daily marijuana users.
  • Daily marijuana users (63.3%) were more likely than less-than-daily marijuana users (38.8%) or non marijuana users (4.6% ) to use another illicit drug. Daily marijuana users also were more likely to be current cigarette smokers and heavy drinkers.
  • More than half of daily marijuana users (53.3%) reported dependence on or abuse of alcohol or an illicit drug compared with those who were less-than-daily users (35.5%) and nonusers (5.6%).

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(Date Grant Summary Prepared: December 3, 2004)