November 2013:  DSP Trainee Notebook pages updated with current terminology and information for: 

  • "Active Treatment" (e.g., "teaching functional skills")
  • "Normalization" (e.g., "natural rhythm of life").
  •  Autism to reflect recent DSM-5 changes.

See Notable DSP Curriculum Updates (pdf) for more details.

January 2010: All DSP Trainee Notebook pages were updated to reflect new terminology and expanded information. Topics added include:

  • Guiding principles on DSP roles and responsibilities developed by the National Association of Direct Support Professionals
  • Ethical considerations for DSPs
  • Community inclusion
  • Adaptive behavior
  • Positive Behavior Supports and  Positive Interactions
  • Choice making process and personal freedoms/Freedom vs. risks
  • Grooming and cultural differences
  • Designing a visual communication systems
  • Effective documentation
  • Assisting with ADL's (activities of daily living)
  • Dysphagia and general mealtime guidelines
  • Foods that may cause choking
  • Food preparation safety
  • Supporting people with Alzheimer's disease
  • Communication challenges for people with Autism
  • Mental illness/dual diagnosis
  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
  • "Fatal Four" health concerns for people with DD
  • C Difficile (C-diff) Infection
  • EpiPens
  • Safety for people who have seizures
  • Medication safety and summer use

DSP trainees, DSP Course Coordinators, and DSP Presenters should maintain all 6 modules to form a DSP Training Notebook.

  1. Print or Save all DSP Notebook Modules (pdf) - R-05-01-14 (438 pages).
  2. Print individual module to form a DSP Notebook:

If you have questions, please contact the Division of Developmental Disabilities at (217) 782-9438.