This QIDP training schedule should be used as a guide.  Agencies need to develop a schedule that meets both DHS requirements and its own training and operational needs.

Module Hours Date
Module 1: An Introduction to the World of the QIDP 4 4/1/2010
Module 2: Effective Leadership 4 4/5/2010
Module 3: Assessing & Enhancing Quality Outcomes 5 4/8/2010
Module 4: The Planning Loop 5 4/12/2010
Module 5: Record Keeping 4 4/15/2010
Module 6: Community Relationships & Resources 4 4/22/2010
Module 7: Environmental Health & Safety 5 4/29/2010
Module 8: Medical Issues 5 5/07/2010

Module 9: Applying Rules & Regulations

Training Coordinator__________________________________

Training Location_____________________________________

4 5/14/2010

Competency Assessment Tools

Assessment testing must be used to document the individual's understanding of required classroom competencies.  Testing can be supplemented by using DHS' QIDP Training Core Competency Area Checklist to monitor and document progress of trainees or ongoing performance.

Performance Standard Statement

Individuals must achieve a minimum of 80% accuracy in understanding the informational competencies in each module.

Attendance Policy

Attendance is mandatory for all modules and must be documented by a sign-in/sign-out sheet for each module.  If an individual misses a training session, he/she is responsible for contacting the instructor and scheduling a make-up session.