Funding Tips - Communicating with Potential Funders

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To assist you in communicating with potential funders, know that each funder's requirements and prerequisites will be different. A tip that applies to all situations is to read all communications thoroughly. Prepare a well articulated response, make sure your request is easy to read, clear, concise, and convincing. For most situations it should include:

  • description of the need: why there is a need for this project in your community
  • explanation of what your agency will do: provide a written description of what will occur and the expected outcomes
  • Information on your agency: the mission statement; how long your agency has been in operation; include the number of staff and types of programs offered; the number of people served; service area; listing of board of directors; IRS 501 (c)(3) status.
  • appropriate budget data: total cost of the project (amount you are requesting)