Grant Writing Tip - Statement of Need

Helping Families. Supporting Communities. Empowering Individuals.



The Need Statement presents facts and evidence to support the need for the project (program) you are proposing. It also establishes your organization as being capable of addressing the need.

Conduct an analysis to determine the nature and extent of the problem or need, and the reasons and causes.

  • Nature and Extent - Describe your target population and their issues/needs. What are the consequences? Cite your sources (to support the existence of the problem/need).
  • Reasons/Causes - Why is the issue or need occurring?

When identifying the problem and writing the Need Statement, you must convince the fund source that the issue(s) you want to address are important to your organization and of interest to the fund source.

The following steps are to be taken when writing your Need Statement:

  • Define the problem, its causes and symptoms
  • Gather data to support the existence of the problem and extent of your need
  • Write the Need Statement(stated as the current situation)

An Effective Need Statement.....

  • Describes the target populations to be served
  • Defines the community problem to be addressed
  • Is related to the purposes and goals of your organization
  • Includes quantitative and qualitative documentation and supporting information
  • Does not make any unsupported assumptions
  • Describes the situation in terms that are both factual and of human interest


  • Does the problem you identify relate to the purpose and goals of your agency?
  • Is your proposal of reasonable dimension to the issues you are addressing?
  • Did you include evidence (documented) to support the existence of the problem?
  • Do you make a compelling case for the need for your project/program?

(Source: Research Associates)