What is it?

  • Adaptive Equipment services include:  performing assessments to identify type of equipment needed, devices, controls or applicances to increase individuals' abilities to perform activities of daily living, or to perceive, control, access or communicate with the environment in which they live.
  • Assistive Technology devices are:  items, pieces of equipment or product systems, whether commercial, modified or customized.  These devices are used to increase, maintain or improve functional capabilities of individuals.  Individuals are assisted in the selection, acquisition and use of an assistive technology device.

How Do I Become A  Provider?

  1. A Professional who is Reimbursed Directly as an Independent Provider

    If you are a professional who is an independent provider who will bill Department of Human Services (DHS) directly as the provider/vendor, and you will be paid directly by DHS under your own Social Security Number.

  2. A Professional who is Reimbursed Via Other Means 

    If you are a professional who works for an agency, is part of a group practice, limited liability corporation (LLC), or will have another entity or agency acting as a billing agent and the billing agent will be reimbursed by DHS for your services, you must follow the directions for identifying the other agent.

Important Resources for Program Requirements