What is it?

Emergency Home Response Service (EHRS) is an electronic device that enables individuals to secure help in an emergency. The individual may also wear a portable "help" button to allow for mobility. The system is connected to the individual's phone and programmed to signal a response center once a "help" button is activated. Installation, upkeep and maintenance of devices and systems may be provided.

This service is only available to individuals who are authorized for Home-Based Support Services (HBS), within the Adult DD Waiver.  Emergency Home Response services are limited to adults:

  • Who live alone
  • Who are alone for significant parts of the day
  • Who have no regular caregiver for extended periods of time
  • Who would, without this service, require extensive routine supervision

How Do I Become A  Provider?

  1. A Professional who is Reimbursed Directly as an Independent Provider 

    If you are a professional who is an independent provider who will bill Department of Human Services (DHS) directly as the provider/vendor, and you will be paid directly by DHS under your own Social Security Number.

  2. A Professional who is Reimbursed Via Other Means

    If you are a professional who works for an agency, is part of a group practice, limited liability corporation (LLC), or will have another entity or agency acting as a billing agent and the billing agent will be reimbursed by DHS for your services, you must follow the directions for identifying the other agent.

Important Resources For Program Requirements