Bureau of Community-Based & Primary Prevention
Division of Community Health & Prevention
Illinois Department of Human Services

Program Description


Illinois has 21 AmeriCorps state programs in operation in the 2007-08 program year with more than 850 AmeriCorps members committing to a year of service. The target recipients of the services provided by AmeriCorps members vary depending on the goals of the individual program. Many programs provide tutoring and mentoring services in after school settings, while other programs provide prenatal care to pregnant women, run food pantries, or work in Head Start programs.


AmeriCorps is a national service program that involves people in "getting things done" in communities. AmeriCorps members develop an ethic of service while strengthening local communities.


The charge of individual AmeriCorps programs is determined by the local needs of communities with many focusing on education, human service and support needs, environmental quality, public health, or public safety.

Delivery Method

Illinois has 21 AmeriCorps State programs in operation in the 2007-08 program year, with varied program focus areas located in every region of the state.

Program Data

Program Expenditure (Numbers in 000's) $5,402.7 $5,963.5 $6,048.4
Number of Grantees 15 21 21
Member Service Years* *731 *850 *931

*Note: Member Service Years (MSYs) represent full-time equivalents (FTE). As MSYs are apportioned to part-time equivalents (PTE), the number can and does fluctuate.

Program Effectiveness

  • Education: Tutored or mentored over 17,500 students in grades 1-12.
  • Human Needs: Counseled nearly 50,000 people related to health and family matters (mental or physical health, or other matters)
  • Community Strengthening: Recruited nearly 17,400 volunteers.