Childhood Asthma Program (Asthma)
Reproductive & Early Childhood Services
Division of Community Health & Prevention
Illinois Department of Human Services

Program Description


Chicago Communities and schools


To identify children with asthma and refer them for diagnosis, treatment and other needed services. To educate parents and teachers of children with asthma regarding the reduction of asthma triggers in their environment. Recruit parents as "peer health educators" to assist in the education of more adults and children in school and communities regarding prevention and management of childhood asthma.


The Department funds two asthma programs for children. First the Chicago Asthma School Project, which is managed by The University of Illinois at Chicago. The main objective is to train peer educators to teach parents of children with asthma, school staff, children, and community residents about asthma and to collaborate with the Breath-mobile asthma van to provide asthma services to Chicago Public School children and their families. Secondly, the Children's Asthma Management Partnership (CAMP), operated by the Healthcare Consortium of Illinois, offers asthma screening, asthma education, home environmental assessments, social service referrals and primary care follow-up.

Delivery Method

Parents are selected and trained by the University of Illinois at Chicago.  Asthma screening and follow-up are delivered from a mobile vans supported by other funding sources. CAMP services, although not entirely funded by the Department, are provided through personal assistance from project staff.

Program Data

Program Expenditure (Numbers in 000's) $240.0 $240.0 $240.0 $240.0
Number of Grantees 2 2 2 2
Number Served 38,841 39,459 40,625 40,625

Program Effectiveness

Asthma screening efforts identified children at risk and referred them for medical care and treatment: 40,625 children were screened for asthma or related symptoms and about 50% of them were referred for treatment. The Department participates in the Controlling Asthma in American Cities grant funded by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Chicago Asthma Consortium, the Suburban Asthma Consortium, the Illinois Asthma Initiative Partnership administered by IDPH.