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A table provided through a link at (direct link takes you a table showing 2007 workforce population, estimated unemployed and percentages from Chicago and 77 community areas within the city limits.

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Data source: Metro Chicago Information Center internal tabulations of U.S. Census

Public Use Microdata Service files for the metropolitan Chicago region.

More data on the job situation in Chicago and surrounding counties coming soon.

"Twenty years ago, people were asking for this level of unemployment data and they're still waiting to get it," said MCIC President Virginia Carlson. "So it's exciting to finally be able to release these figures."

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is the most common source for unemployment data, but their surveys do not have a sufficient case base to report for small areas such as neighborhoods and smaller metro communities. In response to an inquiry from a client, MCIC Senior Research Fellow D. Garth Taylor was able to use alternative sources of U.S. government data to construct estimates for these areas.

"We combined publicly-available data from the American Community Survey with small area population estimates derived from the United States Postal Service information on in-service addresses, as well as other census information," Taylor said.

Ricki Lowitz, Senior Program Officer, Economic Opportunities for Local Initiatives Support Corp./Chicago, said,"We were trying to drill down into the data to the neighborhood level to determine the market for our services."

Chicago's unemployed

A table provided through a link at (direct link takes you a table showing 2007 workforce population, estimated unemployed and percentages from Chicago and 77 community areas within the city limits.

MCIC announced more unemployment data will be released soon, including tables for metro communities in surrounding counties.

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Search Metro Chicago Facts OnLine, a user-friendly, online data and information resource that aggregates U.S. Census and a variety of other useful datasets and index models into standard or custom defined geographic areas in the 6-county metropolitan Chicago region. Define your area of interest and instantly download customized maps and data tables.

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