No longer available:  As of midnight August 2, 2015 the myNetLearning Version 8 system shut down.

Available soon:  Instructions for the new OneNet Training Module system to use for all training, registering for classes or computer-based learning modules and printing transcripts. 

Using, the DHS OneNet Training Module you can:

  • Enroll in instructor-led classes and computer-based learning modules (CBLs)
  • Unenroll from classes and CBLs
  • See your upcoming class schedule
  • Request a transcript report of DDD classes you have completed
  • See the continuing education credits (CEs) associated with those classes.

You must pre-register for all training, and you must use the DHS OneNet Training Module system.

Register using the DHS OneNet Training Module system

  1. Fill out the online DD OneNet Learning Module Training Event Registration Form to register for a class or CBL.

Registration Confirmation

At least two days in advance of the class you will receive an email registration confirmation to the address listed on the online Registration Form.

Cancel your Registration

To cancel your registration, please contact the Bureau of Quality Management at or (217) 782-9438.

Contact Information for Assistance

If you have any questions about this procedure, please contact: