Wal-Mart National Giving Program

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Wal-Mart National Giving Program

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The Wal-Mart Foundation supports programs and initiatives in four main areas of focus:

Education - Addresses the educational needs of underserved young people ages 12-25. Examples include programs focused on high school success, access and retention of first-generation college students and adolescent literacy.

Workforce Development / Economic Opportunity - Provides job skill training, counseling and support services for unemployed, underemployed and displaced workers. Examples include career counseling services, financial literacy initiatives and job readiness programs.

Health and Wellness - Improves access to health care, reduces health care disparities and promotes healthy lifestyles. Examples include food distribution programs, immunization clinics, health education organizations and personal health record technology.

Environmental Sustainability - Assists in the development or expansion of environmentally sustainable communities. Examples include energy auditing education programs, green job training and retrofitting/green building initiatives.

The Wal-Mart Foundation has a particular interest in supporting the following populations:

Veterans and military families, traditionally underserved groups, individuals with disabilities and people impacted by natural disasters.


Organizations eligible to seek funding from the Wal-Mart Foundation's National Giving program:

must be designated with current tax-exemption status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code,

must be recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a "public charity" within the meaning of either Section 509(a)(1) or 509(a)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code, and

must operate on a national scope through the existence of chapters or affiliates in a large number of states around the country; or possess a regional/local focus, but seek funding to replicate program activities nationally. In the case of proposals seeking funding for replication, organizations must demonstrate the capacity to support national expansion.

Note: state and regionally focused organizations as well as affiliates of national organizations with local (versus national) programs are eligible to apply for funding through Wal-Mart's State Giving Program. For more information about the State Giving Program, (http://walmartstores.com/CommunityGiving/8168.aspx)

Geographic coverage


Amount of funding

Grants of $250,000 and above

Application process

The Wal-Mart Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals or promotional materials from perspective grantees. The Wal-Mart Foundation does, however, accept Letters of Inquiry (LOIs) regarding the National Grant Program provided that the perspective grantee fits within the guidelines for the National Grant Program.

Perspective National Giving Program grantees may submit an LOI via mail to:

National Giving Program

c/o The Wal-Mart Foundation

702 Southwest 8th Street

Bentonville, AR 72716-0150

For more information contact

For contact information go to: http://walmartstores.com/7663.aspx