PM 19-02-09

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Example 1: Mr. and Mrs. A and their two children, ages 9 and 10, are Afghan Special Immigrants who arrived in the U.S. in June. Their limited eligibility period is June through January. They apply for TANF in July, and begin receiving cash in August after the 30 day wait period for TANF. The caseworker reviews the case in December. Mrs. A is not pregnant. Effective February, delete the adults from the case, SWAP it to an RPY medical only case for the children. Update Item 74 from 31 to 38 for the children. A passive Rede will be due the following July.

Example 2: Mr. and Mrs. B are granted Iraqi Special Immigrant status in February. Their limited eligibility period is February through September. They begin receiving RRP medical in February. In August, they report that Mrs. B is pregnant. Since her continued eligibility is based on her pregnancy, proof is requested and provided. Proof of income is requested and provided as well. The RRP case is canceled, and a Moms & Babies case is set up effective October.