• How are we going to draw down funds? Will it be through HUDs LOCCS system or IDIS?

    Funds will be drawn down through the Disaster Relief Grant Recovery Program (DRGR)

  • What will the turn around time on an applicant receiving funds?

    That State expects to issue payments within two weeks of receiving an invoice.

  • How will monies be allocated? Fiscal Agent? Banking Institution? Faith-based?

    Monies will be allocated to the lead agency identified as the grant recipient

  • Who is the grant administrator?

    The Department of Human Services

  • What maximum % of NSP funds will be allowed in direct NSP allocation areas, particularly in the City of Chicago?

    There is no set allocation for direct NSP allocation areas.

  • Will applicants get their money back for pre-award cost associated with NSP?

    No, the State will not reimburse subrecipients for pre-award costs and are encouraged to not enter into any contracts until they are identified as subgrantees by the State.

  • Who is in charge of each entitlement community? Is there a listing available?

    HUD provided list of contacts for NSP State of Illinois (http:/ / www.hud.gov/ offices/ cpd/ communitydevelopment/ programs/ neighborhoodspg/ contacts/ states/ il/ )

  • Is the 15% discount a requirement or a goal?

    The 15% discount is required under the State's plan per the NSP HUD Notice.

  • When are project delivery fees paid?
  • Project delivery fees are paid on a reimbursement basis.
  • The 10% Administrative set-aside is going to what agencies?

    To be determined.