• Can only foreclosed properties be acquired through NSP?

    Depending on the activity, properties may be eligible if they are abandoned (financing, home buyer, and rental), blighted (demolition), or vacant (redevelopment).

  • Where can I find foreclosure data?

    HMDA (Home Mortgage Data Act) on the FDIC website

  • What evidence of property identification and site control is required of the application?

    Applicants are not being asked to have site control at the time of application. Applicants are being encouraged to identify and evaluate eligible properties within their target areas for possible inclusion in their project to demonstrate readiness.

  • Where can I find a list of foreclosed properties?
  • We could direct them to the list of REO holders that I sent you if you want to post that as well.
  • When is the earliest a property can have been foreclosed upon to be eligible for NSP funding? Is there a cut off date for a property to be considered foreclosed?
  • No such dates has been set. In order to be considered "foreclosed" properties must be purchased directly from the foreclosing entity
  • Do we have to have specific properties selected for the NSP app or can we apply with specific areas in which we plan to acquire and redevelop abandoned properties?
  • The NSP application does not require specific properties be selected but applicants can demonstrate readiness to proceed by identifying possible properties and by evaluating possible properties in their target areas within their application responses.
  • If planning to demolish or rehabilitate properties, does the State want pictures of the properties, inspection reports, and appraisals for the properties to be included with the application?
  • These items are not required as part of the application but applicants could include this information as a way to demonstrate their knowledge of available properties and their readiness to proceed.
  • Does the definition of "larger single site acquisition and rehabilitation for longer term rental" include multiple units in one structure or several structures? Is there a limit on the number of units per site?
  • Applicants could apply to acquire and rehabilitate a foreclosed or abandoned residential property with multiple units in one structure or in several structures. Either would be eligible. The State has not established a limit on the number of units per site.