• Where can I find a list of the communities designated as areas of greatest need?

    In the State of Illinois Substantial Amendment, Attachments 1-3

  • Where can I find a list of communities most heavily impacted by foreclosure?

    In the State of Illinois Substantial Amendment, Attachments 1-3

  • What if the county you live in is not listed as an area of greatest need?

    Applicants from areas outside the areas of greatest need could apply.

    Are areas that are defined as "enterprise zones" count as areas of greatest need?

  • No, enterprise zones and areas of greatest need are different and were determined at different times using separate criteria.
  • Does an area have to be in a specific census tract to receive points as an Area of Greatest Need?

    No, an area could qualify as an area of greatest need as a Place, County, or Census Tract as displayed in the State of Illinois Substantial Amendment, Attachments 1-3.

  • Will all areas of greatest need receive full points under this section of the scoring criteria?

    Under the current scoring criteria areas without direct NSP funding, whether or not they are CDBG entitlement areas, receive the max points with existing NSP entitlements receiving less points.

  • Are there limits on the number of target areas a proposal can develop projects in?


  • Can an entire City be a target area?

    Possibly, in the case of a very small city and if the applicant could support such a determination. However, if you are developing a single site property, please provide as narrow information as possible regarding the geographic location of the project site (i.e.. addresses, if available). If you are developing scattered site housing please provide information regarding the neighborhood in which you would like to locate your project..

  • Will each statewide area of greatest need be given funds or will the funds vary between Non-NSP, Non-CDBG, and NSP and CDBG grantees?

    Funds will be allocated to the highest scored proposals that are received during the application review process.

  • Is the State allocating 40% of its funds to CDBG entitlement programs that did not receive NSP funds directly?

    No, the State will allocate funds based on a holistic review of all applications and will identify the most grant-worthy proposals to fund.

  • Can a city located in a county that received NSP funds still apply for this program? Can a county apply for NSP funding to use part of its proposed program within a city which is also applying separately for funding?

    There are no restrictions on two or more entities submitting applications which at least partially cover the same geographic area. Please keep in mind, however, that while the State is not specifically restricted in only funding one grantee per jurisdiction, each application must stand on its own merits, which includes the State's need to review the equitable distribution of NSP fund to areas of greatest need throughout the state as well as other review criteria.

  • Is there a website where I can find information on the areas of greatest need?