Cross Jurisdictional Collaboration

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  • If you are a regional organization who will be conducting a project in several cities, should you submit one proposal for each project?

    No, your organization may submit one proposal for all cross-jursidictional projects that you are requesting funds for from NSP.

  • How will applicants be able to identify other applicants for collaborative purposes?

    The Illinois NSP does not facilitate partnerships between potential applicants.

  • What is the decision making process for applicants in jurisdictions for multiple NSP programs?

    Each NSP program will have a separate decision making process.

  • Can non-entitlement and entitlement communities (all in Cook County) apply together to the State?

    Yes, there are no conditions on cross jurisdictional collaboration.

  • If submitting an interjurisdictional application with a number of communities, would the 20% application maximum be potentially waived?
  • The State does have the ability to waive the maximum grant amount of 20% of the State's allocation if justified by the capacity and scope of the project. However, applicants are reminded that the State wishes to support as many projects as possible.