Clarifies BCCD Program Manual 02.04.01 regarding the 30-day grace period.

This notice is being sent to clarify the procedures for the 30-day grace period (90 days for collaboration cases) when a parent loses their job during the last month of eligibility.

If the client's last day of employment occurs in the last month of eligibility, you may extend eligibility beyond the current approval period to allow for the grace period. Approve the family for the number of additional calendar days needed up to the maximum (30 or 90 days). The number of approved days and type of care (full or part time) shall remain the same except in certain circumstances such as when the parent has additional care approved to sleep.

As an example: A non-collaboration family is approved from 10/08 - 03/09 for part time care on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Parent loses employment on March 27 and requests a grace period to look for a new job. A 30-day grace period from the day the parent loses eligibility (3/27) is allowable. Since the case was originally approved until 3/31, you may extend eligibility for 26 more days during the month of April. Care may continue to be provided on a part time basis on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

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