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Pursuing Opportunities for Recovery and Resilience - Optimal Healthcare Reform

The enormous controversy surrounding federal healthcare legislation indicates that it's a debate about our future, and like the future, its outcome is far from certain. No matter what your feelings regarding the issue, the final result will impact nearly all of us - individuals, our families and our neighbors, young, old and in-between, employees, employers and job seekers. Our ultimate decision as to the form, reach and coverage of our healthcare delivery system means that it will continue to play an immense role in shaping both our personal and national well-being.

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DMH News

Division Transforms Illinois Consumer Mental Health Care by Forming Collaborative

The Division of Mental Health (DMH) and its private sector administrative service organization (ASO), ValueOptions, have partnered to form the Illinois Mental Health Collaborative for Access and Choice. Using consumer empowerment principles this public-private association is advancing the state's mental health care delivery service system.The alliance, formally begun in December 2007, follows on the heels of the multi-year System Restructuring Initiative (SRI) undertaken by the Division, consumer-representatives and selected members of the state's mental health provider network. Read the full article -Transforming Illinois Mental Health Care

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Coming Home - The Story of Permanent Suportive Housing (PSH) In Three Chapters

DMH formally began its Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) initiative on October 31, 2008 with the goal assisting 177 consumers of state funded mental health services to transition into their own apartments.

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"Say it out loud" - Research Snapshot Indicates Good News

"Say it out loud" works. According to current research conducted by DMH Senior Policy Advisor, Dr. Lisa Braude, target groups exposed to the campaign's targeted messaging see their ability to respond positively to individual and family mental health challenges in a different and more positive light... Read more about "Say it out loud" - Research Snapshot

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