"Say it Out Loud" Offers New Campaign Resources for 2009

Helping Families. Supporting Communities. Empowering Individuals.

"Say it out loud", the DMH and the Illinois Children' s Mental Health Partnership public awareness, engagement and education campaign launched in May 2008, is generating additional tools in its multi-year effort to alert the public to the importance of good mental health. The new campaign aids, especially directed to mental health providers, a group whose active participation is considered crucial to the campaign's success, include multi-cards, posters, and mini-displays. They are expected to have both a practical and beneficial role in advancing consumer, family and stakeholder outreach opportunities in local communities statewide. Taking note of our nation's and state's current economic circumstances, Special Projects Assistant to the Director, Michael Pelletier, states, "The dramatically increasing number of Illinoisans now subject to high stress levels in this down economy translates to a corresponding increase in individual and family mental health and related physical health problems." He is assured that "Say it loud" not only points the way to constructively addressing these challenges but also encourages people to share their concerns in an open and honest way.

With that assurance in mind, he notes that the following items are currently available for download on the "Say it out loud" campaign website.

  • Full-color fliers
  • Camera-ready print advertisements
  • Online banners for your website
  • Outreach toolkits, which include sample newsletter articles and letters to the editor

By mid-March, providers can also request:

  • Multi-cards (a combination postcard and smaller "palm" card) that fits standard brochure racks and #10 envelopes;
  • Campaign posters (11" x 17")
  • Mini-displays (self-contained table-top displays that may be borrowed for events and conferences)

As always, campaign t-shirts and palm cards may be purchased either individually or in bulk via the campaign website.

Pelletier observes that with the help of providers, these newest resources will serve as a proactive but low-cost way of effectively reaching those who are too often unaware of how to deal with a sudden layoff, loss of their home or abrupt change in family resources.

Phase one of "Say it out loud" has met unusual success in acquiring general media attention in Illinois as well as nationally. As the campaign enters its next phase, and as individuals, families and communities are increasingly impacted by the current economy, the emphasis must be on finding more opportunities to reach them.

Providers are asked to call the campaign's outreach coordinator, Lupe Jimenez, at Metropolitan Group 312-628-144, or visit the contacts page at the "Say it out loud" campaign website for further information and/or to order materials. Join us to Say it out loud!