Dear Colleagues and Friends:

I am delighted to be the first to share some very exciting news. The Illinois Department of Human Services now has a newsletter dedicated to mental health and wellbeing! It's called The Recovery Reporter. With our new voice and your participation, the Recovery Reporter will do far more than just carry the news of the day. It will provide an in-depth perspective of developments and activities that are advancing mental health and general wellbeing in our state. Fulfilling that mission will enable it to serve as a responsible and responsive forum for promoting dialogue and generating new ideas.

Our newsletter's emphasis is on chronicling the people and processes that lead to recovery from mental illnesses. The Recovery Reporter is for everyone because achieving and maintaining mental wellness is fundamental to bolstering every community's quality of life.

As the Director of the Illinois Mental Health Authority and as the Recovery Reporter's Editor-in-Chief, I have the special responsibility of ensuring that the newsletter accurately depicts the objectives, progress and challenges of moving ahead. Additionally, I have the duty to share my continuing priorities and concerns with you that bear on our state mental health goals and initiatives. I want the Recovery Reporter to serve as a catalyst for consumers, their families, our first-rate and devoted staff at every level, providers, advocates, policy makers and the general public in joining us to assure that resilience stays our touchstone and that our expectation of recovery is increasingly realized.

Every newsletter is a reflection of its initial promise to share news worth knowing. The Recovery Reporter takes it a step further by converting that promise to our commitment of connecting with you in the hope that, together, we continue to transform good into better and better into best. In turn, your willingness to review and then share your thoughts regarding the transformation of Illinois mental health through reading the Recovery Reporter acts to renew your pledge to pursue our common cause. Together, we are bound to succeed.