Community Youth Services (CYS)
Bureau of Community-Based & Primary Prevention
Division of Community Health & Prevention
Illinois Department of Human Services

Program Description


Youth and adults


To reduce and prevent juvenile delinquency


CYS workers organize community residents into committees to deal with the problems or issues in their community. The role of the committee is to plan, coordinate and address issues by assessing needs and developing strategic plans. Community Youth Services workers provide a myriad of resources and technical assistance to community committees, encouraging committees to become a sustainable programs in their community. The committees also advocate around issues that impact their community such as truancy, public housing and employment. The community committees' serve as a beacon of light to improve the quality of life and public safely for community residents. In addition to the organizing and advocacy activities, providers and committees plan and deliver direct services. Examples of direct service activities include homework help, recreation, parent education and educational workshops.

Delivery Method

CYS workers plan and deliver services the following services: direct services, organizing and advocacy. These services are administered with or in coordination with community committees.

Program Data

Program Expenditure (Numbers in 000's) $6, 820.2 $6,637.9 $6, 637.9 $6, 835.5
Number of Grantees 20 20 20 20
Number Served N/A 32,500 45,000 45,000

Program Accomplishments

Community Youth Services grant providers has established over 244 committees, which consistently provided over 778 programmatic services to youth, young adults and their families in two hundred diverse communities and fifty-five counties throughout the state of Illinois.