PSH Bridge Subsidy Program Sample Documents

Helping Families. Supporting Communities. Empowering Individuals.

Please note that the letters and forms below are provided as sample program documents only. These sample documents cannot be used to apply for the DMH PSH Bridge Subsidy Program.

Doc. # Document Title Document Description
DMH Housing Policy (pdf) Detailed description of DMH's housing policy.
Description of the Bridge Program (pdf) Detailed description of the DMH PSH Bridge Program
1A Bridge Subsidy Referral Cover Letter (pdf) Introduces the referral form.
1 Bridge Subsidy Referral (pdf) Assesses initial eligibility for the DMH Bridge Subsidy Program
2 Bridge Subsidy Referral Ineligible/Denial Letter (pdf) Letter sent if a consumer is determined to be ineligible for the program
3 Bridge Subsidy Referral Eligible Letter (pdf) Letter informs a consumer that they are eligible to complete a full program application
4 Bridge Subsidy Application (pdf) This document outlines the information required to approve or deny a consumer for the Bridge Program.
6 Bridge Subsidy Application Acceptance Letter (pdf) Letter informs a consumer that they have been accepted into the Bridge Program.
7 Bridge Subsidy Application Denial Letter (pdf) Letter informs a consumer that they are denied from the Bridge Program.
9 Determination Review Process (Appeal Process) (pdf) This document explains the appeal process for the Bridge Program.