The Recovery Reporter - March 2009

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The Expectation is Recovery

Direct(or) to You

Dear Colleagues and Friends:

I am delighted to be the first to share some very exciting news. The Illinois Department of Human Services now has a newsletter dedicated to mental health and wellbeing! It's called The Recovery Reporter. With our new voice and your participation, the Recovery Reporter will do far more than just carry the news of the day. It will provide an in-depth perspective ...

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DMH News

Mental Health receives $2 Million Federal Grant for Veterans

Building on Department of Human Services, Division of Mental Health (IDMH) Director Lorrie Jones' and Division of Veterans Affairs (IDVA) Director Tammy Duckworth's commitment to aid Illinois veterans transitioning back to civilian life, the Illinois IDMH has been awarded....

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Consumer News

Loud & Clear

"Say it out loud" Campaign Aims at Awareness, Acceptance, Access

With the goal of getting every Illinois adult and child to recognize mental health as essential to their general wellbeing, a groundbreaking statewide three-year campaign, "Say It Out Loud" held kickoffs in Chicago, Springfield and Peoria in early May.

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