Policy Memo: Disaster Food Stamp Program


  • Due to the recent flooding in Illinois the following counties have been declared federal disaster areas: Cook, DeKalb, Dupage, Grundy, Kane, LaSalle, and Will Counties. 
  • United States Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Services Midwest Regional office has approved the State to operate a Disaster Food Stamp Program in the above counties from October 08, 2008 through October 17, 2008.
  • Disaster Assistance Centers (DAC) offer a variety of services to disaster victims. The DAC staff should refer individuals with food needs to the FCRC servicing that area.
  • Persons not on the regular Food Stamp Program may complete an Application for Disaster Food Stamp Benefits (Form 0270) at the FCRC servicing those areas from 10/08/08 through 10/17/08.
  • Persons that were on the regular Food Stamp Program in September, 2008 may complete a Request for Disaster Food Stamp Benefits (Form 0274) at their FCRC from 10/08/08 through 10/17/08.
  • There must be a face-to-face interview with an eligibility worker.
  • The Disaster Food Stamp Program (DFSP) has a special application, timeframe, and eligibility requirements to help eligible victims of a federally declared disaster receive FS benefits quickly. The interview and eligibility determination are made at the time they are applying for the Disaster Food Stamp Program.
  • If eligible, applicants receive the maximum benefit amount for their FS unit size for one full month effective September, 2008.
  • Applicants already on the regular Food Stamp program may qualify for supplemental disaster Food Stamp benefits for September, 2008 to bring their benefit amount up to the maximum benefit amount for their FS unit size. They can qualify for this benefit even if they received replacement Food Stamp benefits for food destroyed as a result of the disaster.
  • Eligibility requirements under the regular food stamp program do not apply to the Disaster Food Stamp Program.
  • All disaster food stamp applications must be processed through IPACS. Do not register or process Disaster Food Stamps in AIS.