The Teen REACH Standards Assessment process is a Quality Assurance review of the provider's ability to meet the program standards.

If a provider is not meeting a contract requirement, a plan of correction should be requested of the provider, and notification should be sent to the Bureau Program Coordinator.

The corrective action plan (CAP) shall be due back to the Community Support Services Consultant (CSSC) within 20 days of mailing the request.

Upon receipt of the CAP, the CSSC shall review, approve and send the provider a CAP acceptance or non-acceptance plan.

  • If the CAP is not accepted, the CSSC shall review and describe in a memo to the provider what corrections are necessary.  The required corrections shall be submitted within 20 days.
  • If the CAP is accepted, a CAP acceptance letter will be sent to the provider.

Within 90 days of receipt of the CAP, the CSSC shall follow-up the provider's implementation of the CAP.  Follow-up and implementation of the CAP shall be documented by the CSSC in a Provider Note.

The CSSC is expected to efile the completed Standards Assessment tool, and associated correspondence in the efile and the provider's folder in the Transformation file.

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