Chicago Department of Housing Rapid Re-Housing:Stable Families Initiative

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 Stable Families Initiative


The City of Chicago Department of Housing


The goals of the Rapid Re-Housing: Stable Families Initiative are to:

  • Reduce the time families spend in homeless shelters waiting for housing
  • Increase the range of opportunities for families to get housed and achieve self-sufficiency

Eligible Applicants

  • Demonstrated success in housing placement, including landlord outreach and housing search assistance;
  • Any existing relationships with private market landlords in your geographic area;
  • Demonstrated sucess providing supportive services that improve self sufficiency;
  • History in providing services to homeless families with children;
  • Organization's current user status of HMIS (only direct and interface users are eligible to apply); and
  • Involvement in the City's Plan to End Homelessness, including implementation of programs that are aligned with the tenets of the Plan and participation in committees of the Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness

Funding Amount

  • This funding is for a one year demonstration project with a budget not to exceed $500,000.
  • Funding is available to cover flexible housing assistance, salaries, fringe benefits, and program-related expenses over a twelve month interval to serve at least 50 family households.
  • A large proportion of the funding should be designated for flexible housing assistance.  A reasonable budget will include:
  1. 65%-Flexible Housing Assistance (e.g., funds for rental assistance, security deposit, utilities, etc.)
  2. 30%-Supportive Services(e.g., case management, employment specialists, etc.,)
  3. 5%-Adminstration (e.g., data collection, management, etc.)

Target Population

This program will serve at least 50 family households currently residing in shelters/interim housing programs.  Eligible families will have had prior experiences in the shelters systems and/or will have been living in shelter for at least the past 45 days.  Research has shown that families that meet this criteria have been unable to utilizie existing resources to solve their crises.


August 11, 2008------Application issued

August 26, 2008------Responses due to DOH

September 22, 2008--Anticipated Announcement of Grantee

November 1, 2008----Program Year begins


Leslie Levy

City of Chicago

Department of Housing

33 N. LaSalle, 11th Floor

Chicago, Il. 60602

(Date Summary Prepared 8/13/08 C.W.)