Technician Selection Program

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The Technician Selection Program (TSP) is administered by the Bureau of Recruitment and Selection (BRS).  The program focuses on the recruitment and selection of Mental Health Technician Trainees within the various Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) facilities throughout the State of Illinois. 

Mental Health Technician Trainee (MHTT)

  • Minimum Requirements

    • Candidates must be high school graduates or possess a GED credential. No previous training or experience is required. Please review the MHTT Complete Job Specifications for additional information about the duties of this position.
  • Application Process

    • The Department of Central Management Services (CMS) does not administer testing for this title. Candidates for Mental Health Technician Trainee must apply directly through the Department of Human Services (IDHS).
    • If interested in applying, complete and submit a MHTT Invitation Form or Formulario de Invitacion de TSME to a TSP recruiter or to the fax number provided on the form. Applicants will receive an invitation letter to attend the next testing opportunity at a nearby testing location. Each testing location recruits 2-4 times per year.  Click here to view the testing schedule.
    • ***Please note, some facilities have a longer waiting period than others.
    • Once the invitation is received, complete and print a CMS-100 Employment Application, including forms & instructions.
  • Testing Site Process

    1. Those who have all forms completed, have provided proper ID and have necessary copies will be admitted first.
      Copies will not be made at the test site and seating is limited.

      • The following forms are required of all test participants - Failure to complete and bring the required forms to the assigned test may result in a candidate not being admitted to the test.
        1. Invitation letter with test location and date (Required)
        2. Completed CMS-100 Application (Required)
        3. Completed forms (Required)
        4. Original driver's license or State ID, and a copy (Both Required)
        5. Copy of high school diploma, GED or H.S./College Transcripts (Required)
        6. Copy of Selective Service Registration (Required for males 18-26)
    2. Candidates must successfully complete the entire testing process in order to be deemed eligible for MHTT.  Candidates will be tested in the following categories: 
      1. Written and video observation
      2. Physical ability exercises
      3. Oral interview 

For more information, contact:

Technician Selection Program
Bureau of Recruitment and Selection
100 South Grand Avenue East, 1st Floor
Springfield, Illinois 62762
Phone: 217-524-1548 or e-mail: TSP Recruiter

Facility Locations: