PM 06-21-03

Medical cases for asylum applicants and torture victims appear on the PAL a month before a REDE is due.  Never require a person to come into the office to complete a REDE.

(FCRC worker) Sends Medical Eligibility Review for Asylum Applicants (Form HFS 643J) to the client.  Allow the client 20 days to return the form and verifications. The form is due back on the 21st day following the mail date of Form HFS 643J, or the first work day following the 21st day.  Allow more time if the client requests it.

Verifications required at REDE are:

  • one proof of income for the last 30 days,
  • current assets if any, and
  • proof of current immigration status.

If the client reports a change in immigration status at the redetermination, or at any time, ask for documentation.  If an Alien ID number is provided, complete a SAVE inquiry. 

To verify current immigration status at REDE or when a change is reported, the client must provide:

  • a current statement from their attorney, accredited representative or the torture treatment center confirming that they continue to meet the requirements of this program, or
  • an updated status report, or documentation, from BCIS, U.S. Department of Justice or U.S. Courts.

Note: BCIS, U.S. Department of Justice or U.S. Courts may not provide the client with an updated status report when it is time to complete the Rede if the status has not changed. For this reason, the statement from their attorney or representative is sufficient.

A client may continue to qualify for AATV benefits if they meet the criteria for torture victims, even if their immigration status has changed (see PM 06-21-01). 

If they no longer qualify for AATV, cancel the case with TA 22/TAR 49.  Suppress the notice and issue a local Form 157 with the message:  "You no longer meet the criteria to qualify for Medical Benefits for Applicants for Asylum and Torture Victims per Manual Chapter PM 06-21-01." 

Determine their continued eligibility for medical benefits under all other medical programs before you cancel AATV benefits. If they qualify for another program, register and approve the new case using the first date of the month following the last date of coverage as the application date.

If a client who receives medical benefits under this program enters a long term care (LTC) facility, contact HFS Medical Eligibility Policy at (217) 557-7158.