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Charley Kevilus

Business Owner

Charley Kevilus is not only well known and loved in Alton, he has run a successful business in town for many years. Charley's success is nothing short of amazing.

Charley was two years old when he was placed in Lincoln State School after being diagnosed with cerebral palsy. For the next 16 years, he merely existed because no one thought he could learn. When a new teacher saw the spark in Charley's eyes and started working with him, he learned so much that he left the school at 23.

Charley had always dreamed of having his own business. With encouragement from his friend Dale Neudecker, he started his aluminum can recycling company in Alton. His business became so successful that he voluntarily gave up his Social Security benefits 17 years ago.

Charley enjoys relaxing in his apartment where he lives independently with the support of DRS' Home Services Program. Charley grins and says he loves his life today and when you see his blue eyes sparkle, you know he means it from the bottom of his heart.

Kathy Hawthorne, Home Services LPN, says working with Charley has been an incredible gift. "When I see what it takes for Charley to live independently and go to work everyday, I am so inspired. He is not only creative and persistent; he is always happy and unbelievably kind and concerned about others, " she says. "Although he is someone who could easily be a taker, he is a true giver."

For information on how to hire an individual with a disability through IDHS/DRS, please call 217-782-2280 (V/TTY).

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