Medical Expenditures in the First Year of Life, 1997-2005, full description in table below.

Tabular version of Chart "Medical Expenditures in the First Year of Life, 1997-2005"

WIC & FCM Neither
1997 $4,673 $8,800
1998 $5,035 $10,675
1999 $4,989 $8,556
2000 $5,450 $8,652
2001 $4,769 $7,072
2002 $5,580 $9,457
2003 $5,887 $8,934
2004 $5,989 $8,956
2005 $6,588 $10,697

The Department is able to match information from its maternal and child health management information system, Cornerstone, with vital records maintained by the IDPH and the Medicaid Management Information System maintained by the IDHFS. This allows the Department to compare the perinatal health status of women and children who participate in several of its programs to Medicaid-eligible non-participants and the general population of pregnant women and newborns.

Participation in WIC and FCM reduces Medicaid expenditures.

WIC and FCM, through the reduction in very low birth weight, contribute to a significant reduction in Medicaid expenditures during the first year of life.