The graph displays the proportion of 12-month-old children in WIC or FCM who had been screened for developmental delay at least once in the prior twelve months.

WIC & Family Case Mangement (FCM) Developmental Assessment at 12 months of age, 2004-2007, full description in the table below

Tabular version of Chart "WIC & FCM Developmental Assessment at 12 months of age, 2004-2007" by Statewide Percent

Quarter ending 12 month olds
December 2003 70.5%
March 2004 70.9%
June 2004 71.2%
September 2004 74.8%
December 2004 75.9%
March 2005 77.4%
June 2005 76.9%
September 2005 77.8%
December 2005 78.2%
March 2006 79.8%
June 2006 80.4%
September 2006 80.3%
December 2006 80.2%
March 2007 80.5%
June 2007 80.4%

Infants and young children should be screened routinely for evidence of delays in cognitive, linguistic, motor, social and emotional development. Through routine screening, developmental delays can be promptly identified and therapy initiated.

The Department monitors the proportion of infants in the FCM program who have been screened for problems with physical or cognitive development at least once every year.

Statewide, nearly 80 percent of infants in WIC or FCM have been screened for developmental delay.