Family Case Management (FCM) Eligible Infants with Three or More Well-Child Visits, 2004-2007, full description in the table below.

Tabular version of Chart "FCM-Elgible Infants with Three or More Well-Child Visits, 2004-2007" by Statewide Percent

Quarter ending FCM 3+ Visits
September 2004 57.94%
December 2004 78.83%
March 2005 80.67%
June 2005 81.05%
September 2005 81.10%
December 2005 81.12%
March 2006 80.58%
June 2006 80.43%
September 2006 81.24%
December 2006 81.24%
March 2007 81.00%
June 2007 81.13%

The Department monitors FCM agencies to ensure that participating infants receive at least three well child visits during the first year of life. The graph displays the proportion of infants who met this standard.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends routine well child visits. Providers monitor a child's growth and development, provide preventive health care services (i.e., immunizations), screen for potentially serious health problems (i.e., lead poisoning or problems with vision or hearing) and inform parents through anticipatory guidance. The Academy recommends six such visits during the first year of life, to occur at one month, two months, four months, six months, nine months and twelve months of age. Prior to December 2004 these data were incomplete until well child and immunization records began to be systematically loaded into the Cornerstone management information system from the IDHFS to provide a more complete picture of infant and child health to WIC and FCM providers.

FCM is improving infants' access to primary health care.