WIC Bits - Breastfeeding
(Summer 2010 Edition)

In this issue:

  1. FY2011 Integrated Plan for Healthy MCH Outcomes
  2. Breastfeeding Food Package Quality Assurance
  3. WN2B service code
  4. Management Evaluation Quality Assurance Review (MEQA) - PC program tab
  5. Peer Counselor Program Supervisor Workshops
  6. 2010 Celebrating Peer Counselors: Making a Difference Conference

FY2011 Integrated Plan for Healthy MCH Outcomes

Encouraging exclusive breastfeeding, implementing breastfeeding friendly policies and full adoption of the WIC Breastfeeding Philosophy in clinic practices is the minimum standard for breastfeeding promotion, education and support. The FY11 Integrated Plan objectives for breastfeeding initiation, duration and exclusivity are consistent with the Healthy People 2010 goals, as breastfeeding rates in Illinois year after year fall below this standard.

Meeting minutes from the Statewide FY11 Integrated Plan for Healthy MCH Outcomes conference call were emailed to local agencies on July 9th. Please refer to this document to assist in answering questions.

Quarterly Breastfeeding Performance Reports can be found at http://www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx?item=45806.

For 3 month exclusivity - use "Breastfeeding Exclusivity Report - Infants turning 7 Months" week 12 percentage.

To determine a base line for PC contact, established PC programs should utilize the FY10 Peer Counselor Summary report to determine a baseline and strive to improve the number of contacts by 20% by June 2011. All Spring FY10 and FY11 agencies baseline will be 0.

Breastfeeding Food Package Quality Assurance

The New Breastfeeding Food Package Quality Assurance Report (HSPR0120) prints on the second working day of the month and provides data needed for breastfeeding food package quality assurance reviews as required. (IL -PPM Section 5: Quality Assurance Procedures for Breastfeeding Food Packages) This report is useful in assuring appropriate breastfeeding counseling, education, follow up and correct issuance of food packages for breastfeeding dyads occurs as part of the bi-annual chart review as noted in the FY11 Integrated Plan.

Use the report to identify errors, patterns and problems and decide what training staff needs to assess, counsel and document appropriately, as well as assign the correct food packages. When errors are found while performing the Breastfeeding Food Package Quality Assurance Audit, you are not expected to go back and change the information in the Cornerstone system, but rather train on identified issues.

We are aware of specific problems with this report that are being corrected with the August Cornerstone version. If you continue to find problems, please email brenda.matthews@illinois.gov; melanie.eader@illinois.gov or your Regional Nutritionist Consultant.

  • The report should now show the staff name of the person who completed the most recent WBDE.
  • Report length should be reduced due to fixes in the way data is collected
  • Infant's PA09 screen "Currently Breastfeeding - Yes" will pull data for this report now rather than from the WBDE field. This will make it easier for the auditor to identify when the WBDE assessment is missing for each infant visit.

WN2B service code

Use the WN2B service code to correctly categorize a new postpartum woman as "B-Breastfeeding" when she was incorrectly categorized as "N- Postpartum." When using the WN2B service code, the termination date will be pushed to 1 year (baby's first birthday) and the priority will reset to either 1 or 4 depending on assigned risk. The WN2B service entry may only be used for the first 8 weeks after delivery.

Management Evaluation Quality Assurance Review (MEQA) - PC program tab

The Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Program is now part of the SFY 2011 WIC Management Evaluation Quality Assurance Review and is available at http://www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx?item=31155 under "Family Nutrition WIC Review Section." For Peer Counselor Program grantees, the Regional Nutritionist Consultant will review the Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Program as part of the bi-annual WIC Management Evaluation Quality Assessment. Program supervisors are encouraged to review the BFPC tab on the WIC MEQA tool to ensure correct policy and procedures are in place and recommended components of the Loving Support Model are being implemented.

Peer Counselor Program Supervisor Workshops

Sept 28, 2010 -- for Established programs and experienced supervisors

"Growing Your Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Program in Uncertain Times"

State Fairgrounds, Gate 11, 801 Sangamon Ave., Springfield, IL 62794
Registration 9:00 am - 9:30 am; Program 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

This one day workshop will provide peer counselor supervisors information to grow their breastfeeding peer counselor program.

Sept 29, 2010 -- for New programs or new supervisors

"Making the Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Program Work for You"

Decatur Conference Center and Hotel, 4191 US Highway 36, Decatur, IL 62722
Registration 9:00 am - 9:30 am; Program 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

This one day workshop will provide new peer counselor supervisors information to effectively utilize their breastfeeding peer counselor program.

Registration is available online at http://registrations.catholiccharities.net/

October 6 & 7

Peer Counselor Loving Support Training

October 6 &7, Decatur Conference Center

An interactive workshop series designed for the new Peer Counselor. This 20-hour training course provides an orientation and identifies the primary roles and responsibilities of the peer counselor. The training will provide two one-day on-site class sessions as well as 3-4 conference calls during October. Self study modules and homework will be assigned. Participants will be expected to complete homework assignments and tests.

Register online at http://registrations.catholiccharities.net

2010 Celebrating Peer Counselors: Making a Difference Conference

Over 130 attendees from across the state attended the '5 year celebration' of the Illinois Peer Counselor Program held April 14 and 15 in Springfield on the State Fair Grounds. Celebrating PC program growth from its initial inception in 2004 with 18 local programs to over 60 grantees and over 75 active peer counselors statewide, numbers of PC programs and peer counselors continue to grow. Breastfeeding initiation, duration and exclusivity continue to improve thanks to the work and dedication of the Peer Counselor and the Supervisors that provide guidance and support. Speakers included Amy Spangler, IBCLC, author and breastfeeding expert, Kiddada Ramey, IBCLC, founder of the Black Woman's Breastfeeding Association and Nick Wechsler, Ounce of Prevention Parenting Specialist.

Congratulations to those who received awards during the Celebration.

Mover & Shaker Award

Micaela Sandoval - Well Child Center
Brandy Hansen -McLean County Health Department
Carrie Peplow - Tazewell County Health Department
Kisha Stiles - Jersey County Health Department

Friend of Community

Earlisha Jefferson - East Side Health District
Rose Straeter - Marion County Health Department
Kathy Ragland - Roseland Community Hospital

Stupendous Supervisor

Verna Smith/Debbie Hammond - Coordinated Youth & Human Services
Sarah Sullivan - Community Economic Development Association (CEDA)
Sheila Keller - Montgomery County Health Department

Illustrious Leader

Donna Hawkins- Coordinated Youth & Human Services

Awesome Agency

Well Child Center

State Breastfeeding Task Force Hospital Advocacy Project

The Hospital Advocacy Program was designed to help moms know their rights -- the Breastfeeding Bill of Rights -- and empower them to request these rights when they are in the hospital. Ideally, all hospitals should have breastfeeding friendly and evidence based practices. As a first step, we want to help administration understand the importance of skin-to-skin, early breastfeeding, etc. -- for all moms delivering in their hospital.

We recognize that consumers play a large part in changing practices. Also, we hear many stories of how women do not receive the birth they planned and expected. Years later, women recall - with joy or sadness - the details of their children's births.

Composed of three documents:

Breastfeeding Bill of Rights - sets out "rights" a woman can request and expect during her hospital stay and delivery

Hospital Experience - Pleased Letter -- a comment letter for mom to return to the hospital describing the breastfeeding support, education and care she received during the birth of her baby

Hospital Experience - Disappointed Letter -- a comment letter for mom to return to the hospital describing her dis-satisfaction with the breastfeeding support, education and care she received during the birth of her baby.

The comment letters allow moms a quick and easy way to let the hospital know what their birth experience was like -- did it meet their expectations or were they disappointed?

We encourage you to make the Breastfeeding Bill of Rights and Hospital Experience letters available to all moms in your classes, practice, community event, breastfeeding fair, "rock & rest" stations, etc. Encourage moms to fill out the appropriate letter and mail back to the delivering hospital. Or collect the letters and mail them from your agency or task force. Find the documents at www.Illinois.breastfeeding.org

We hope that this will show hospital administrators that lactation consultants, knowledgeable staff and breastfeeding friendly practices are valued by moms and families delivering at their hospital. Let's help moms make their voices heard!

Agency Spotlight

Livingston County Health Department - Breastaurant

Submitted by Peg Austman

Breastfeeding coordinator, Kathy Kennell, recently successfully completed CLC training and has begun having monthly breastfeeding in-services for the WIC, FCM, and HFI staff. The local hospital breastfeeding coordinator has been invited. These in-services have been held during a "working lunch" called "The Breastaurant." Staff brings their lunch and eats while they learn. Kathy says that her goal is to "nurse" our breastfeeding numbers and to "latch on" to the idea of peer counseling."

Fayette County Health Department - Breastfeeding Friendly

Submitted by Becky Pryor

Fayette County Health Department is a very breastfeeding friendly environment. F.C.H.D. has 43 employees. In the past year we have had 5 babies born to Fayette County Health Department employees and all are breastfed. Also, we have had numerous grandchildren born to FCHD employees and they all are breastfeeding including WIC Coordinator, Dee Sanders' twin grandaughters!

Stephanie DuPlayee RN, BSN, CLC is currently breastfeeding 11 month old, Justice, and she feels with the support from coworkers and family she will be able to exclusively provide breast milk as long as he desires. Stephanie and her husband, Christopher, have three children- Christian, Faith, and Justice, all of which were breastfed. Stephanie's enthusiasm for breastfeeding has made a great influence to her teen mothers on the WIC program and has drastically increased their breastfeeding initiation rates.

Jessica Dye, CNA, former Doula, CLC is currently breastfeeding her 9 month old son, Max . When asked about working and breastfeeding she said, "She pumps at work in her office because it is breastfeeding friendly. When at home, I nurse my son." Jessica and her husband, Jason, have three children- Mykaela, Madison, and Maxwell. She is also going to college and would like to be an OB nurse. When Jessica worked as a Doula, nearly all her participants initiate breastfeeding and she enjoyed helping the mothers in the first hour after birth and on home visits afterwards.

Heather Jackson, RN, is breastfeeding her soon to be 1 year old son, Nicholas. Heather and her husband, Dustin, have four children, Dillin, Madison, Jonathon, and Nicholas. She initiated and quit soon after with the first two children. Heather came to work at FCHD in November 2007 and says her coworkers support influenced her decision to breastfeed her fourth child. She plans on breastfeeding Nicolas as long as he wants. Heather feels she can relate to her clients better with her personal experience with breastfeeding.

All WIC health department Registered Nurses have had the CLC training: Dee Sanders, Becky Pryor, Bev Swofford, Stephanie DuPlayee, and Heather Jackson. FCHD will then have 10 CLCs on staff including receptionist and former Doula, Connie Walton; Breastfeeding Peer Counselor, Kira Palmer; CNA, CLC Jessica Dye; and both Doulas, Kelli Powell and Jessica Christian.

We have had a successful Breastfeeding Peer Counselor program since 2006. We have currently started a new Face Book page "Fayette County Breastfeeding Support Group" to offer support and education in a modern format. The support and education that is found in our breastfeeding friendly environment has resulted in more employees (and their extended families) choosing to breastfeed for a prolonged period of time.