Release Upon Request
Program Fact Sheet

Bureau of Youth Services & Delinquency Prevention
Division of Community Health & Prevention
Illinois Department of Human Services

Program Description


The Release Upon Request (RUR) program serves youth 12-17 years of age who have been ordered released from the Cook County Temporary Juvenile Detention Center, but who remain there because a parent, guardian or custodian has failed to accept custody. This program is available only in Cook County.


The purpose of the RUR program is to ensure that youth are removed from detention within 24 hours of referral. Once that is accomplished, the focus of the program turns to efforts to reunify the family.


Referrals into the RUR program come from juvenile court judges. Youth may be placed in group homes or foster care for up to 21 days, but remain in the legal custody of the parent or guardian. Local providers work closely to coordinate services with the court, the detention center, probation officials and the family.

Delivery Method

RUR is operational in Cook County only.

Program Data

Release Upon Request Program Data
Performance Indicators SFY03 SFY04 SFY05 SFY06
Grant Amount (Numbers in 000's) $207.00 $280.30 $281.80 $281.30
Number of Grantees 3 3 2 2
Number Served N/A N/A 129 154