Communities for Youth (CFY)
Program Fact Sheet

Bureau of Youth Services & Delinquency Prevention
Division of Community Health & Prevention
Illinois Department of Human Services

Program Description


The Communities for Youth (CFY) program serves those youth age 10- 17 who are involved in risk-taking behavior (such as gang involvement, violence, drugs, etc.); youth who have been station-adjusted (arrested but not referred to court) or placed on probation supervision to prevent further involvement in the juvenile justice system; and youth who have been placed on probation and who are at risk of violating probation or re-offending.


The CFY program was created in response to Illinois' Juvenile Justice Reform Act of 1998, which seeks to protect citizens from juvenile crime, to hold each juvenile offender accountable for his or her acts, and to provide an individualized assessment of each delinquent juvenile.


Diversion programs - The goal of diversion programs is to reduce the number of delinquency petitions filed in Juvenile Court and increase the number of youth who successfully complete sanctions brought about by informal or formal station adjustments. Diversion programs can include day/evening reporting centers, teen court, mediation, and counseling/therapy.

Intervention programs - The goal for this type of program is to reduce the number of youth committed to the Department of Corrections and to increase the number of youth who successfully complete probation. Services offered through intervention programs are similar to those in diversion programs.

Delivery Method

CFY programs are located in 50 communities across the state. Funding is provided to, and programs operated by, local community-based agencies.

Program Data

Communities for Youth (CFY) Program Data
Performance Indicators SFY03 SFY04 SFY05 SFY06
Grant Amount (Numbers in 000's) $5,213.90 $5,118.60 $3,332.50 $3,310.90
Number of Grantees 48 49 33 33
Number Served 9000 9000 6030 6030

Program Effectiveness

No data given.