Comprehensive Community-Based Youth Service (CCBYS)
Program Fact Sheet

Bureau of Youth Services & Delinquency Prevention
Division of Community Health & Prevention
Illinois Department of Human Services

Program Description


CCBYS is a statewide program serving youth ages 11-17, and their families when appropriate, who are at risk of running away from home, homelessness, or involvement with the child welfare and/or the juvenile justice system.


The CCBYS program was created by the 1982 state statute (20 ILCS 505/17), which mandated the state to "develop a State program for youth and community services which will assure that youth who come into contact or may come into contact with the child welfare and the juvenile justice systems will have access to needed community, prevention, diversion, emergency and independent living services." The primary purpose of CCBYS is to provide youth in high risk situations, and their families when appropriate, with a continuum of services according to their needs, with the overreaching goal of family preservation, reunification and/or family stabilization, or independence, again dependent upon the youth's needs.


Youth are provided with a continuum of services according to their needs. A 24-hour crisis intervention response system is available in emergency situations for referrals from youth, parents/guardians, police, schools, courts, the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) Child Welfare and Protection staff, and other community referrals.

Delivery Method:

CCBYS services are delivered by community agencies throughout the state.

Program Data:

Comprehensive Community-Based Youth Service (CCBYS) Program Data
Performance Indicators SFY03 SFY04 SFY05 SFY06
Grant Amount (Numbers in 000's) $10,606.00 $10,075.80 $10,024.20 $10,033.30
Number of Grantees 58 58 57 57
Number Served 18000 18000 18000 18000

Program Effectiveness:

  • CCBYS successfully reunify youth with their families approximately 98% of the time.