Healthy Child Care Illinois
Program Fact Sheet

Bureau of Maternal and Child Health
Division of Community Health & Prevention
Illinois Department of Human Services

Program Description


Child care providers (both licensed and unlicensed) as well as friends and relatives and the children in their care.


To promote positive development of children in childcare settings by linking families and child care providers to health services


Healthy Child Care Illinois provides the following services:

  • Child care staff training
  • Parent and child health education
  • Consultations with child care providers by telephone or on site
  • Assessment of child care health and safety practices by child care staff
  • Assistance to child care providers in developing health policies, procedures and plans
  • Referral to physicians, early intervention, dental care, mental health care, All Kids, and other local, state, or federal programs
  • Individualized attention to children with special health care needs.

Delivery Method

Services are provided by Child Care Nurse Consultants who are public health nurses hired by local health departments and stationed at one of the 16 regional Child Care Resource and Referral agencies or one of the six satellite offices serving Cook County. This close relationship with local health departments helps the nurse make referrals to other state and federal programs.

Program Data

Healthy Child Care Illinois Program Data
Performance Indicators SFY04 SFY05 SFY06
Grant Amount (Numbers is 000's) $1,499.80 $1,580.20 $1,580.30
Number of Grantees 21 20 20
Number Served* 2460 3510 3600

Program Effectiveness

HCCI has been nationally recognized by Healthy Child Care America and the University of North Carolina. In SFY06, the volume of HCCI services is as follows:

  • 1,255 parent and child health and safety education
  • 3,904 technical assistance services to assist child care providers in developing health policies, procedures, and plans
  • 15,880 packets of educational materials distributed
  • 598 contacts to provide technical assistance specific to special needs children
  • 32 educational sessions specific to children with special needs