WAG 06-24-02


Form HFS 2378MB-Health Benefits for Workers with Disabilities Application is used to apply for HBWD. Applications are available by calling 1-800-226-0768 (TTY: 1-866-675-8440) or online at http://www.hbwdillinois.com/.

The date of application is the date the signed application, Form 2378MB is received by the HBWD Unit.

Eligibility will not be determined for any other program. If an application for HBWD is denied because the person is eligible for AABD Medical without a spenddown, the person must apply for AABD Medical through the DHS FCRC. This information will be on the denial notice.

SNAP benefits cannot be authorized on an HBWD case. Participants who want to apply for SNAP benefits must apply through the DHS FCRC. The SNAP case will be maintained in the DHS FCRC.

There two different forms used to request additional information:

Form HFS 267MB/MBS - initial application

Form HFS 1721MB/MBS - redeterminations/changes