WAG 15-08-15

Some AABD community MANG spenddown clients have the option of paying the amount of their monthly income and asset spenddown to HFS to receive a medical card.

The central Pay-in Spenddown Unit enrolls clients in the Pay-in Spenddown option, records payments in the ASDS subsystem and determines spenddown met status. The Pay-in Spenddown Unit is staffed with workers located in the HFS HBWD Unit (FCRC 250). Pay-in spenddown cases continue to be managed by the DHS FCRCs for all activities other than Pay-in Spenddown.  FCRC office and caseload numbers do not change when clients are enrolled in Pay-in Spenddown.

Spenddown Clients who decide to enroll in Pay-in Spenddown receive a monthly statement which must be returned with their payment to HFS, Bureau of Fiscal Operations. Anyone may make the payment on the client's behalf as long as the statement is returned with the payment. Each month, Pay-in spenddown clients may decide whether to meet spenddown by submitting incurred medical expenses to the FCRC, submitting Pay-in payments to HFS or a combination of both.

Benefits of Pay-in Spenddown

  • Clients who know that they will need a medical card for a particular month can pay ahead of time to be sure to receive the card by the beginning of that month.
  • Clients have more flexibility in choosing the months for which they want to receive a medical card.
  • Clients will not have to keep track of bills and receipts to take or send them to their caseworker.
  • Reduces paperwork at DHS FCRCs.

Who Can Enroll in Pay-in Spenddown?

Active AABD community spenddown clients may enroll in Pay-in Spenddown. However, clients who receive DHS Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) or DHS Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) community-based services are not eligible to participate. See PM 15-08-13 for policy regarding meeting spenddown centrally with ORS/DDD Services.