Description of Co-locations:

  • There are eight (8) Family Case Management (FCM) agencies/clinics that are co-located with agencies providing Women, Infant and Children (WIC) services.  The agencies/clinics are located in Region 1 only. Thus, the agencies/clinics are evaluated as if they provide WIC services.  As a result, the data for WIC is counted twice; once for the entire WIC agency and then again for the co-located FCM agency.
    • CDOPH is co-located at the following FCM agencies:
  1. Alivio Medical Center 
  2. Erie Family Health Center 
  3. Friends Family Health Care 
  4. Henry Booth House
  5. Sinai - South Kedzie 
  6. WES Health System
  • Catholic Charities of Chicago: 
  1. Roseland WIC Center (WIC sites)
  2. The Clinic in Altgeld (WIC sites)

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