Description of Co-locations:

  • There are twelve (12) Family Case Management (FCM) agencies that are co-located with agencies providing Women, Infant and Children (WIC) services.  The twelve FCM agencies are located in Region 1 only. Thus, the twelve (12) agencies are evaluated as if they provide WIC services.
  • As a result, the data for WIC is counted twice; once for the entire WIC agency and then again for the co-located FCM agency.
    • CEDA WIC is co-located at the following FCM clinics:
  1. Aunt Martha's Youth Service Center 
  2. Community Alternatives Unlimited 
  3. Oak Park Health Department 
  • Mt Sinai Hospital Medical Center WIC is co-located:
  1. Westside Association
  • CDOPH is co-located at the following FCM agencies:
  1. Alivio Medical Center 
  2. Erie Family Health Center 
  3. Friends Family Health Care 
  4. Henry Booth House
  5. Human Resource Development Institute 
  6. West Side Future 
  7. Westside Holistic Family Services 
  • Catholic Charities of Chicago: 
  1. Roseland WIC Center (WIC sites)
  2. The Clinic in Altegeld  (WIC sites)

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