Illinois Department of Human Services
Bureau of Youth Intervention Services

7.0 - Program Monitoring and Evaluation

Revised Date: July 2013

Providers will be required to participate in the formal evaluation of the program developed by IDHS, and must cooperate in the collection of data for this purpose.

Programs will be required to administer parent and youth surveys, in the format provided by the IDHS.

All providers will be subject to a Standards Assessment Review and the PerMS Review (see Appendices & Forms).

Additional requirements such as the Performance Improvement Plan (see Appendices & Forms) and Program Audits will be determined by IDHS staff.

IDHS program staff and Community Service Support Consultants ensure that all IDHS programs are implemented in a consistent manner across the state. CSSCs provide on-going technical assistance, support and monitoring of IDHS funded programs. 

7.1. Performance Indicators

Revised Date: July 2013

Teen REACH programs' performance on the standards listed below will be assessed utilizing data gathered from the eCornerstone system, the projected numbers provided by the agency in their application, and the total Teen REACH grant amount.

  • Proposed vs. Actual Average Daily Attendance
  • This performance indicator considers the approved projected Average Daily Attendance as compared to the Actual Average Daily Attendance, by site and by agency.
  • The goal is 100%.
  • Proposed vs. Actual - Average Youth Attendance Hours
  • This performance indicator considers the approved projected Average Youth Attendance Hours as compared to the Actual Average Youth Attendance Hours, by site and by agency.
  • The goal is 100%.
  • Cost per Youth per Hour - Average
  • This performance indicator considers the Grant Amount and the Youth Attendance Hours recorded for the time period.
  • The goal is $4.50 or less.
  • Actual Population Served
  • This performance indicator monitors the requirement to serve a minimum of 85% youth ages 11 to 17. Age of the youth will be based on their DOB.
  • The goal is 85% or more youth are aged 11 to 17 years.
  • Days Open - Average
  • To ensure providers are on track to meet the required 240 total # of Days open, we will track, on a quarterly basis, the average number of days open per week (DO).
  • The goal is 5.0 days per week or more.
  • Program Dosage-Average # of Days
  • Because regular attendance in quality after-school programs is the best predictor of positive outcomes for school-aged youth, we will track, on a quarterly basis, the percentage of days attended per week by youth.
  • The goal is 100% of youth will attend 5.0 days or more per week.

7.2. Program Audits

Revised Date: July 2013

If deemed necessary, a program audit by the Office of Contracts Administration will be conducted where a formal review of program and fiscal documentation will be reviewed.

Links & Resources

Program administration and reporting forms, individual file forms, and general program information and resources, are available by calling the Bureau of Youth Intervention Services, Teen REACH at (217) 557-2109 and/or on the DHS Website at