Teen Parent Services (TPS)
Bureau of Child and Adolescent Health
Division of Community Health & Prevention
Illinois Department of Human Services

Program Description


Pregnant or parenting low-income teens who are age 20 or younger and do not have a high school diploma (or its equivalent). Participation is mandatory for teen parents on TANF. Male and female teen parents are eligible for program participation.


To increase below-post-secondary school completion, reduce subsequent pregnancy, improve parenting skills, increase the rate of the immunizations, well baby visits, and screening for developmental delay for children of teen parents.


Intensive and holistic case management; information, service referral, coordination, and follow-up for social and medical services; payment of education and work-related fees/expenses. Assuring provision of life-skills instruction, evidenced based parenting instruction, and other workshops to promote self-sufficiency.

Delivery Method

Individualized service plans are developed, for each participant, based upon an assessment of strengths, barriers, family issues, educational needs, and career goal exploration. The mutually agreed upon responsibility and service plan includes long and short-term goals incorporating specific activities required to accomplish the defined goals within set timelines.

Program Data

Program Expenditure (Numbers in 000's) $5,723.7 $5,900.1 $5,911.1 $4,999.4
Number of Grantees 91 91 87 84
Number Served 8,400 7,178 6,881 6,387

Program Effectiveness

  • Provided statewide training to providers.
  • Continued expansion of services to males. Experienced our highest rate of male program enrollment.
  • Assisted 2130 teens to receive high school diploma or GED ccertificate, 65.6%.
  • Maintained a 0.5% subsequent birth rate for program participants.
  • Documented receipt of parenting instruction for 87% of program participants.