IITAA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What Does the IITAA Require?

The IITAA requires that all information technology developed, purchased, or provided by the State of Illinois is accessible to individuals with disabilities. In practice, this means that information technology must meet technical standards that are designed to ensure compatibility with assistive technologies and accessibility techniques. The specific technical standards used for the IITAA are posted at:

Where Did the Standards Come From?

The IITAA Standards are based on Federal "Section 508" Standards and the Illinois Web Accessibility Standards, which they replace. They were designed to align with existing and proposed Federal standards as closely as possible, and will be updated when the new Section 508 standards are released.

What Technologies Are Covered?

Similar to the Federal "Section 508" standards, the IITAA defines "information technology" to include:

  • software applications and operating systems
  • web- and intranet-based information and applications
  • telecommunications products
  • video and multimedia products
  • kiosks, information transaction machines, copiers, printers and other self contained, closed products
  • desktop and portable computers

Who Has to Comply?

The IITAA applies to all State of Illinois entities, including:

  • executive, legislative, and judicial branches
  • agencies, departments, divisions, etc.
  • constitutional offices
  • public universities

It does not apply to local governments, school districts, community colleges, or private organizations.

When Does It Go into Effect?

The law was effective when it was signed on August 20, 2007, but the State had six months to develop the technical standards and six months to complete the process of incorporating the standards into their procurement and development procedures. As of August 20, 2008, the IITAA Standards apply to all new information technology purchased or developed by the State.

Does It Apply to Existing Systems?

The IITAA's requirements apply to all information technology purchased, developed, or substantially modified by the State after the standards go into effect. The IITAA does not require the State to make previously existing systems accessible unless those systems are substantially modified. (See the IITAA Standards for the definition of "substantially modified.")

Who Can I Contact for Information or Assistance?